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Abogado Sherwin CarballoSherwin C. Carballo
5 Stars - Based on 131 User Reviews
Abogado Sherwin CarballoSherwin C. Carballo
5 Stars - Based on 131 User Reviews

Adjustment Of Status

Adjustment of status is another name for an application for permanent residence within the United States, without leaving the country. Typically, those who qualify for Adjustment of Status are those who entered the country on a visa, or who are covered by 245(i). In the Los Angeles area, an Adjustment of Status case takes about 12-18 months, but after 4-5 months you will receive your work permit. Attorney Carballo can analyze your case to see if you qualify for this process.

Immigration Waivers

Attorney Carballo has extensive experience preparing various types of waivers. The first step of the waiver, and the most important step, is to analyze your case. The attorney can give you advice on how to get the necessary evidence to support your immigration waiver. Immigration waivers are not easy to win. You should not risk your case with someone who is not a real immigration attorney.

Family Petition

If you are a permanent resident of the U.S., or a U.S. citizen, you have the right to file a family petition for your immediate family members. The family petition is not an application for residency, but is the first step on the path to permanent residency. Depending on where your relative is located, and how they entered the U.S., will determine whether they qualify to apply for permanent residency within the U.S., or whether they have to process their residency for fear of consular processing in their home country. But in both cases, the family petition is the first step.

Consular Processing

If you want to immigrate your family members, but they are outside the U.S., you need the services of an attorney who has experience with the consular process of the particular country. Each U.S. embassy has certain different requirements, and each country has different biographical documents, and it is very important to hire an attorney who will know exactly what documents your family members need to facilitate their immigration process to the U.S.

The U-Visa

The U Visa is an immigration program for persons who have been victims of certain crimes, and who assisted with the investigation of the case. Only certain criminal charges qualify for the U visa, and the police or prosecutor in the case must sign a certification verifying the assistance the applicant rendered in the case. After holding a U visa for three years, certain persons may apply for permanent residence.

Vawa (Domestic Violence)

Victims of domestic violence may receive protection under the immigration laws if they have been victimized by a resident or citizen spouse. Also, persons abused by their citizen children may apply for VAWA protection. Having an approved VAWA petition entitles you to a work permit, and you may also apply for permanent residency.


If you have had your permanent residency for 5 years, or for 3 years if you became a resident through marriage to a citizen and are still living with the same citizen, then you can apply for citizenship. But before applying, your case must be analyzed to be sure that you have all the requirements to qualify for citizenship. In addition, if you have been arrested by the police, you should consult with an immigration attorney before submitting your citizenship application.
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